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Best Foxit PDF Editor Alternative for Mac

If you are constantly using PDF files, then there is a high possibility that you will edit them to suit your needs. This only means that you need the most reliable PDF editor in the market, which can give you the editing liberty you deserve.

Foxit PDF editor may be a good choice. However, you may need a better Foxit PDF editor for Mac alternative. This article discusses the best Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac, known as PDFelement for Mac.

Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac

Best Foxit PhantomPDF for Mac Alternative

Foxit PDF editor modifies any PDF file in your pile. It has the capability to change the texts in the PDF documents, as well as the images. With its common tool for text edition, you may even alter or adjust charts and lines. This application comes with a graphic edition tool as well, which enables the modification of shapes and lines in the PDF document.

Additionally, it allows addition of images, texts and new objects that help in personalizing the PDF files. However, these capabilities do not make Foxit PDF editor the best choice for you.

The alternative to Foxit PDF editor for Mac, PDFelement for Mac, seems to surpass this application. Its smarter editing tools, which incorporate more technology, ensure that the PDF documents are under your control.

Foxit PDF Editor Alternative

They allow the adjustment of the text, whereby you may change, delete or add. You may also alter the font, whereby the aspects affected are type, style and size. For image editing, the tools allow rotation, cropping, deletion and addition.

This Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac also lets you edit the bookmarks. By quickly locating and linking interesting points in PDFs, this application eases the process of navigating your documents.

PDFelement for Mac also conducts PDF editing through text autofit. This involves intuitive single line and paragraph tools, which reflow text to ensure that the document style remains intact despite the changes made.

Since it is a powerful application, this alternative to Foxit PDF editor for Mac also edits scanned paper work. As soon as you convert paper work to PDF files through scanning, the software uses optical character recognition (OCR) to make such documents editable. Therefore, if you need to alter information in paper work, you are only two steps away; scanning and using OCR.

The following are main features of Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac:

  • Editing tools for altering PDF files, which make information better and more presentable
  • Optical Character Recognition technology that ensures scanned documents are not only editable but searchable too.
  • Digital signing of files
  • PDF security through various means such as passwords, redaction and permissions.
  • File conversion from and to various formats
  • Annotation
Foxit Reader PDF Printer alternative

This is how to edit PDF using the best alternative to Foxit PDF editor for Mac

Step 1: PDF File Creation

There are several means of PDF file creation. You can make one by scanning paperwork to make it soft copy. You can also make a blank PDF files or convert other types of files to PDF.

Launch PDFelement for Mac and access File. Click on Create and then choose Blank Document for new PDF file creation. After creating, access File again and go to Save to properly save on your Mac.

Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac

Step 2: Texts and Images Editing

To edit text, access the Text button and choose the respective text. After this selection, you may begin writing the new text, which will be the replacement text. PDFelement for Mac also allows addition of new text.

With the Image button, you may proceed to edit or add images.

Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac

Step 3: PDF Annotation

This Foxit PDF editor for Mac alternative allows editing as well as PDF annotation. This entails highlighting texts, adding sticky notes, and stamping, among other things.

To access the annotation features, access the Markup button found in the main left menu. This action will bring up a tab on the screen. This is where you may add your sticky notes, comments, shapes, highlight etc.

Step 4: PDF Exportation to Other Formats

If you would like your new PDF in other file types, this Foxit PDF editor alternative for Mac can do the conversion. So, you have the liberty to convert your PDF to other formats like HTML, image, Excel, text, Word and PPT.

For PDF exportation to other formats, access File and go to Export To. Choose the preferred output format, which will bring forth PDFelement conversion window. To start conversion, select the Save button.

Foxit Reader PDF Printer alternative

In conclusion, PDFelement for Mac is only Foxit PDF editor for Mac alternative that can edit PDFs in the best way possible. This application is not only good at editing PDF files, but also creating new ones, annotating and converting to multiple formats. Therefore, Foxit PDF editor can hardly match PDFelement for Mac capabilities.

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