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Best 10 Free PDF Editor in 2020

One thing that has been constant in this world is ‘Change’ and ‘Innovation’. In recent times, a lot of businesses have moved to the online space so sharing files online has become inevitable. The implication is that you will most likely need a PDF editor to process PDF documents. The best free PDF editor would be one that serves all your needs and in this article, we will show you exactly those editors that stand out of the crowd.

best pdf editor for macos 10.14

Top 10 PDF Editor Software for Mac (macOS 10.15 Catalina)

1. PDFelement for Mac

The first on our list is this beautiful and efficient PDF editor, PDFelement for Mac. It is one of the most easily affordable and robust software for Mac users available in the industry. With this software, you can easily edit or annotate your PDF files, convert them from one form to another, fill and sign PDF forms as well as many other incredible features it boasts of. For people in doubt, you have the option of trying the free PDF editor Mac and see how it performs, you will definitely not regret it.

best pdf editor for mac


  • Easy to use because of its highly intuitive user interface
  • Boast of a lot of PDF-file-management functions
  • With this PDF editor software, you can work with many other file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, Pages, etc
  • A comparison for price vs. function shows it offers an incredible best value for your money
  • Regarded as the best alternative for Adobe Acrobat


  • Might not be as robust as Adobe Acrobat because it is designed to be simple

Price: Free to download

2. Preview

This software is also another top PDF editor that enables Mac users to edit and manipulate their PDF documents. It is owned by Apple and is known to provide top quality PDF experience. However, it is built light and this means it allows you the basic functionalities of reading, editing and annotating files.

best pdf app for macos 10.14


  • Very good for beginners who are most interested in the basic functionalities
  • Has Good user interface
  • It is completely free


  • Lack the robustness of some other PDF editors
  • Not many features are present especially the advanced ones

Price: Free

Learn more about Preview >>

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is one of the most complete solutions to PDF manipulations which is used by many users across wide range of industries. Adobe being the pioneer of PDF ensured that this PDF solution is top notch and can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. Adobe Acrobat ensures that you have all functionalities required to work on PDF files with ease.

pdf editor for Mac


  • Complete PDF solution for all categories of users
  • Top notch user interface with that helps you to edit, convert, secure and share PDF files
  • Offers incredible functionalities not seen in a lot of other editors


  • Has advanced features which may pose challenges to non-tech-savvy users
  • It cost a lot

Price: $14.99/mo

Learn more about Adobe >>

4. PDF Expert

PDF expert is one of the widely used PDF editor software that has lots of capabilities. With this PDF editor download, you can enjoy advanced reading layouts, powerful PDF editing functions and annotation tools. You can make use of the PDF editor free download to test the features. This software boasts of an easy-to-use PDF file management functionalities that is comparable to many other top editors in this category.

pdf editor for Mac


  • It is easy to use, fast and robust PDF editor
  • Has a lot of good functions for editing text and image files as well as other applications
  • Has a trial version which means you can use it for free


  • Even though it is robust, it lacks some features that are available in other top editors like Adobe Acrobat
  • It is more expensive than most of other top editors especially when compared to the value you can get from it

Price: $79.99 ( 1 License for 3 Macs)

Learn more about PDF Expert >>

5. PDFpen

Like mentioned earlier, the best PDF editor is one that offers the best value for money and PDFpen should be considered in that category. This software is a powerful PDF editing tool for Mac that is capable of doing a lot of things on PDF which include filling out forms, adding signatures, texts and images. Like all other editors mentioned, PDFpen has functions that covers the basic PDF operations. Due to its design, it is fast as jobs can be completed in just a few clicks of the button.

mac pdf editor


  • It boasts of lots of functionalities for editing files on a both beginners and professional level
  • It is well designed with a user interface that is simple for even non tech savvy people
  • There is a PDF editor free download option for free trial


  • When compared to other top editors like PDFelement and Adobe, it falls a little short of functionalities
  • The price could be a put off for some people

Price: $74.95 per year

Learn more about PDFpen >>

6. Foxit

Foxit is one of the best when it comes to PDF editing. It has a wide range of capabilities that allows to edit, create, sign and secure PDF files. In fact, it offers a complete PDF solution. Besides, it provides sophisticated features and this is why it is used a lot by professionals.

mac pdf editor


  • It boasts of an array of top notch file management tools including OCR, an editor, a converter, etc
  • It also incorporates some third-party integrations for more comprehensive sets of functions
  • It provides one of the best easy to use PDF solutions


  • It is not price friendly
  • May not be suitable for beginners and non tech people

Price: $139

Learn more about Foxit >>

7. Skim

This is another PDF editor that helps users work with PDF files. With this software, users can read and annotate PDF document. When it comes to multitasking, then this software is one of the best as it has good capacity to process multiple documents in a simultaneous manner. For example, what it lacks in functionality, it makes it up with its multitasking abilities which is an advantage. This means that you can fill a form, sign it and prepare other attached documents for the form at the same time.

pdf editor for Mac


  • The tool helps you to create good PDF files
  • It provides Support for AppleScript and other integrations such as SyncTex, LaTex, and PDFSync


  • The user interface is not encouraging
  • When compared to other top PDF editors mentioned above, it lags behind

Price: $ 59.99

Learn more about Skim >>

8. PDF Reader Premium

This PDF editor helps users manage their PDF documents easily and features a familiar and interface that is easy to use. Some of the main functions in this editor include exporting PDF to other format, signing PDFs and annotation of PDF documents.

mac pdf editor


  • It provides a fast and reliable operation
  • It is easy to use


  • There are no user guides so it could become difficult for first time users
  • It can’t convert to a format like XLS

Price: Begins from $59.95

Learn more about PDF Reader >>

9. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is one of the top PDF editors available to all kinds of users. It is designed to be lightweight. It can handle PDF creation, conversion from one format to another and editing the content of PDF documents. It also has other features that helps you annotate your files as well as electronic signatures.

mac pdf editor


  • It is reliable, easy to use and also fast
  • It has a good user interface
  • It has lots of features that makes it good for beginners and professionals


  • It is expensive and may not offer the best value for money
  • It cannot handle certain tasks

Price: $50

Learn more about Soda PDF >>

10. Sejda

This PDF editor can help you carry out your PDF task efficiently. It help users to do tasks like editing, merging, splitting PDFs, converting PDFs from one format to another among many other features. This editor has both online and desktop version which basically do the same things with a little variation.

pdf editor for Mac


  • It is easy to use especially the online version
  • It can also be used to add password protections and watermarks to documents


  • It is expensive when compared to other editors in the same category

Price: $63 per year

Learn more about Sejda >>

Best Free PDF Editor for Mac - PDFelement for Mac

Obviously, so many free PDF editor for Mac, including premium ones exist. What you need is one that works fast, intuitive, great user interface, loaded with functionalities, features and tools you need to transform your PDFs into professional documents. Securing your PDFs is also important, including converting them to other formats or from other formats into PDF. PDFelement for Mac has been cited as the best PDF editor for Mac out there and the perfect alternative to free PDF editors with very basic and less advanced features as well as costly versions. Simply start your PDF editing with this PDF editor free download now!

best pdf editor on mac

mac pdf editor

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