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How to Highlight PDF in Preview on Mac

Highlighting information comes in handy when you are dealing with PDFs with large volumes. It helps to mark the specific places of interest. You may choose to annotate as well, with the annotation tools available.

You can choose to highlight PDF with Preview, a PDF program found in macOS. On the other hand, you may choose to conduct the Mac preview highlight using a better and more robust alternative, compatible with macOS. This article explores both options and has the necessary procedures.

How to Highlight PDF without Preview on Mac

The exclusive PDF reader, PDFelement for Mac, gives you the control that you need as you function with PDF files. It ensures that you not only view or read them, but also change and add multiple aspects to create quality PDF documents. This means that it has diverse tools at your disposal, which you can utilize at your convenience.

Highlight PDF without Preview on Mac

As a result of activities like updating, editing and protecting data, students, layers and business individuals trust the application and prefer it most. Beginners are welcome to use PDFelement for Mac because its interface is very simple. It is also trustworthy due to not only its high speed but also reliability.

One of its other activities is highlighting, which means coloring certain texts for memorization or easy tracking. This function goes hand in hand with annotation, since the annotating tools share the same purpose. Therefore, you can handle a Mac preview highlight in a PDF and also annotate at the same time.

Highlight PDF without Preview on Mac

The following are the PDFelement features that you should acknowledge;

  • Digital signing- PDFelement for Mac frees you from printing forms to sign them. Instead, you can do it electronically and also send the PDF documents to other signers. This feature favors layers and parties making contracts.
  • PDF editing- as mentioned earlier, you can easily change and add various aspects like texts.
  • PDF creation- the application ensures that you can make your own PDFs. This feature favors some authors that prefer using PDFs.
  • Adding of header, footers and watermarks- to easily identify the content of PDFs, you may add headers or footers. Watermarks help with maintaining originality.
  • Converting of PDF formats. it supports multiple file formats, giving you liberty to convert.
best Preview alternative

With the following steps, you can do Mac preview highlight without Preview

Step 1: Upload your PDF

Download and install PDFelement for Mac successfully. Open the program and go to Open File button, situated at the screen bottom. Choose the respective PDF file and upload.

best Preview alternative

Step 2: Highlight Text

To highlight text in the PDF file, go to the left toolbar and choose the Markup button and then select Highlight.

best Preview alternative

On the right side, the Appearance window will show. Proceed to choose the color you desire, return to the PDF and choose text to be highlighted. The text will be highlighted immediately.


Step 3: Add Comments and Sticky Notes

Since PDFelement for Mac can annotate, you can as well add comments, sticky notes and draw markups. So, choose Markup from the toolbar and then Text Comment option.

best Preview alternative

Click on the Sticky Note option and then choose the text where you which to apply sticky notes.

How to Highlight PDF with Preview on Mac

Preview for Mac comes with very few features. Luckily, it has the annotation feature, and so you can annotate in Preview. However, the options of how to annotate in Preview are extremely few. Highlighting PDF is the only option provided. The rest, such as adding sticky notes and comments are not available.

However, if you only want to highlight, Preview can do it. It also comes in handy in various other PDF activities such as viewing images and PDF files. Preview can transform the images to other types, just in case they fail to open.

If you choose to highlight PDF in Preview, here are the steps of how to highlight in Preview PDF Mac;

Step 1: Open the Document

To open the document in Preview, press control click and select Open with Preview. Another effective method is to drag and drop the PDF file in the program.

best Preview alternative

Step 2: Choose the Highlighter Pen

To find the highlighter pen, go to the right corner at the top and choose the Highlighter Pen.

Step 3: Highlight Text

Choose the text that needs highlighting and apply the highlighter pen. On the toolbar, you may change the highlighter’s color. Finish by saving the document.

best Preview alternative

In conclusion, you may highlight texts using Preview and PDFelement for Mac. However, their respective procedures indicate the differences between the two. With PDFelement for Mac, you may add some sticky notes, comments and draw markups, which help with memorization and collaboration. On the other hand, Preview does not seem to provide this opportunity. This concludes that it is impossible to fully annotate in Preview. So, you cannot learn how to annotate in Preview entirely if the options are not available. This shortcoming limits Preview users and so it is recommendable to use PDFelement for Mac instead.

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