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PDF Expert No OCR? Solved!

PDF Expert is one of the PDF tools that Mac users use to manage their PDF files. Unfortunately, it does not support one of the most important PDF technologies since in PDF Expert Mac, OCR is absent. OCR technology is quite important since it makes PDF documents editable and searchable.

Many of the PDF applications have the OCR technology. However, in PDF Expert 2, OCR is still absent, which also applies to PDF Expert 5. This article has a PDF Expert alternative with OCR.

Best OCR Alternative to PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a useful application that Mac users utilize when they need to perform PDF management. It allows text editing and so you can change PDF contract details. It can also edit your PDF file images, when you want to insert new graphs or change company logo. It uses redaction as well to hide sensitive data but lacks OCR.

You do not have to panic if PDF Expert lacks the OCR technology. You can as well use a better PDF solution, the best PDF Expert 5 OCR alternative, PDFelement for Mac.

PDF Expert alternative with OCR

PDFelement for Mac is a unique PDF editor for Mac users, which makes PDF management much easier and faster. It is also robust and affordable, making it not only suitable for business matters but also studies. Its simple interface is so intuitive such that anybody can use it without struggles even for the first time.

alternative for PDF Expert

This PDF Expert Mac OCR alternative uses the OCR technology to change paper -based or scanned documents into PDF files that are fully searchable, selectable and editable. It also ensures that these PDF files can be available in about twenty-five languages.

The following are the PDFelement for Mac features that ensure functionalities take place smoothly;

  • Smarter editing tools- these tools help you control your PDF files entirely. Therefore, you can adjust or change texts and images. Adjusting texts may involve changing font type, size, or style.
  • Data extraction and exportation- Within seconds, you can extract data form numerous PDF documents and put into a single sheet of Excel. You may also export some data from the scanned PDF documents, a process that simplifies archiving and analysis.
  • PDF conversion- this basic feature allows you to view and use PDF files in other types of formats such as PowerPoint and Word. This feature also allows batch conversion, whereby PDFelement for Mac processes multiple files at once without supervision.
  • Advanced annotation tools- with these tools, you can add comments to PDF information, sticky notes, stamps and text boxes, among other things. If drawings are necessary, you may apply personalized drawings and shapes.
  • Fillable forms creation- with PDFelement for Mac, you can create fillable forms from the beginning if you are experienced. For new users, the application provides templates that help with new form creation.
PDF Expert alternative with OCR

How to Use Alternatives to PDF Expert that Have OCR

The following steps will show you how to use PDFelement for Mac to handle the OCR process.

Step 1: Begin Performing OCR

Begin performing OCR by launching the PDF Expert Mac OCR alternative, PDFelement for Mac. Proceed to open the scanned PDF file and then click on the Perform OCR button, situated within the notice bar.

pdf expert

You may also choose another route that involves accessing Tool in the toolbar, choose Batch Process.

pdf expert

Then, a new window is shown. Go to OCR Text Recognition.

Step 2: Set Page Range

Completion of Step 1 will bring a pop-up window. Ensure to upload the scanned PDF file. To do this, drag and drop the file or simply click on +Add option.

pdf expert

Step 3: Select OCR Language

As mentioned earlier, OCR in PDFelement for Mac has multiple languages, and so you must choose the most preferable for your document. To do this, select the menu situated on left corner’s bottom again. On the section labelled OCR Setting, re you should choose both Document Language and Downsample To. You also have the option to select either Searchable Text Image or Editable Text.

pdf expert

By selecting Searchable Text Image, you are making the new file searchable when the OCR process is complete. Searching involves using the Command + F. you can also choose the text, then copy/paste to another document.

On the other hand, choosing Editable Text means that your new file will be editable as soon as the OCR process is complete. To edit text, you can simply choose Text. This option also allows conversion of the file to other formats after clicking File and then Export To.

In conclusion, PDF Expert is good for Mac users. However, it may become useless to you, if you are looking forward to digitizing your work, and updating the scanned PDF files. These functions are impossible without the OCR technology. So, the only option is using PDFelement for Mac entirely, since it has OCR and more great features.

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