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Top 5 PDF Expert Problems and Solutions

Whether you’re a business or individual you must agree that PDF editor and management software is critical. When it’s not performing as it should obviously your work will be affected and finding a solution becomes important. If you’re a PDF Expert software user then you must know this too well. PDF Expert troubleshooting help is critical to ensure that all the problems you’re facing are behind you. It can even be a PDF Expert update issue that needs to be correctly diagnosed. Whatever it’s, here are five important PDF Expert solutions and troubleshooting aid even for those using macOS 10.15 Catalina.

5 Common PDF Expert Problems and Solutions

1. Unexpected Quitting of PDF Expert

Just like most software out there PDF expert could shut down when you least expect it. The reason could be bugs affecting your Mac. You can deal with this problem in different ways.

  • Click press/wake and reboot your system until you can see the red slider which is used to completely put off the Mac
  • Open PDF Expert and on setting find support and enable toggle for detailed logging, which comes in handy in the recreation of a problem and submitting to PDF Expert help
  • You can also update the PDF management software to deal with the unexpected quitting issues
  • On the settings of iOS application, look for privacy and select analytics and find crash logs of the tool that are the latest and send them to support for more advanced help

2. When PDF Expert Email Attachments Are not Working

It’s possible to confuse “email attachments not working” and “path is to send emails” issue in PDF Expert. Through the email app you can deal with this eventfully. Click the options and select email from the list and activate the mail application through the mail preference. Click outbox, and find the mail you tried sending but couldn’t and resend it. This time it will work.

3. SugarSync/Sharefile Support

In this problem, the reason could be that in PDF Expert SugarSync and Sharefile might not have support. Deal with this by installing both apps (SugarSync and Sharefile).

4. Problem with Syncing

Syncing is also a unique PDF Expert issue. In this case the software mightn’t be able to sync successfully with most computer tools. Internet connection errors might be causing the quagmire in this case. Rectify this first by switching off your WiFi and reconnecting it once more.

In case the problem is still there look for internet storage account and disconnect and connect once again. Find the tab for “in the cloud” to disconnect where just below the ‘storage tab’ should be visible. Tap it while holding it and click it to ensure it’s removed.

Go back again to the “in the cloud tab” and tap it, including the add icon. You’ll be able to select the storage required and from that moment syncing shouldn’t a problem anymore.

5. Filing Opening Problems

This could be due to incompatibility of a file making file opening an issue. Go to PDF Expert portal and find all PDF Expert formats to be on the safe side. If you end up with a file that’s incompatible submit it to PDF Expert support to be looked at and a solution resubmitted to you.

Best Alternative and Top Solution to PDF Expert Issues

Obviously, PDF Expert issues can be hard to deal with if they continue persisting and cropping up too much. Some might be new ones we’ve not touched on here. If you find yourself always in search of PDF Expert troubleshooting aid, it’s time to use a better solution, a unique PDF Expert alternative known as PDFelement for Mac.

pdf expert troubleshooting

With PDFelement for Mac, you’ve an affordable solution than most PDF editors, including PDF Expert, intuitive, robust and fast with all the features you need to manipulate PDFs and manage them accordingly.

pdf expert troubleshooting

PDFelement allows you to convert, edit, annotate, create and protect PDF documents among other functions. Its user interface is really easy to use and includes advanced options like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to change all your scanned PDF files and paper documents into editable, searchable and usable PDF files in over 25 languages of the world. PDF Expert or any other PDF editing and management software doesn’t have to derail you again in your Mac with PDFelement for Mac.

pdf expert troubleshooting
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