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Top 5 Free PDF Writer for Mac

One of the real needs in modern times, from professional areas to academic circles, including leisure and other spheres is the need to make the most of PDFs. The ability to edit, view and even write on PDF documents for various reasons. With so many tools today you can actually learn how to write on a PDF Mac to the quality that you want. To write on PDF Mac documents you need to pay attention to the functionalities the PDF writer comes with to get the job done. Here are top free PDF writers for Mac when your intention is how to write on a PDF Mac.

Best 5 Free PDF Writer for Mac

1. PDFelement for Mac

There’s no better way of writing on your PDF documents wherever you’re and digitizing them as much as possible as through the use of PDFelement for Mac. The tool is feature rich, highly affordable, efficient and easy to use with a user-friendly interface. When it comes to how to write on PDF Mac files and editing PDFs whenever you want while saving both funds and time with little effort PDFelement is a sure win every time. PDFelement supports PDF conversion to all manner of formats such as images, Microsoft Office formats, EPUB among others.

free writer for macOS 10.15

free PDF writers for mac


  • Perfect at signing both contracts and forms
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina compatible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Installation and use is easy and fast
  • Most affordable feature-rich PDF writer
  • Editing process is convenient, effortless and smart
  • Advanced features available such as OCR
  • Also a superb PDF document converter
  • Annotating also supported
  • PDF documents protection with restricted permissions and passwords


  • Cons: Free version with limited features

Price: Free to download

mac pdf writer

2. Foxit PDF Editor for Mac

Another easy to use tool when you’re wondering how to write in a PDF mac document and make your work as professional as possible. Documents change all the time and will require to be appraised and changed to meet the demands of the day. Perhaps add a footer or header or edit some text. Foxit PDF editor can help update your PDFs.

 write on pdf mac


  • Fast tool
  • Includes text addition and editing features
  • Allows addition of watermarks, footers and even headers


  • Updating the tool for better use isn’t very clear

Price: Free to download

Learn more about Foxit >>

3. Skim

At times what you need is a simple PDF writer with unique features to complete what you’ve set to do. Skim is such a tool, a note taker and PDF reader for Mac OS X particularly, and comes in handy in the annotation of scientific documents in PDF form. It’s also perfect as a PDF reader to view PDF files easily.

free pdf writer


  • Also perfect for viewing and reading PDF files
  • Easy to edit and add notes
  • You can easily highlight vital texts
  • Includes intelligent cropping features
  • Notes can be exported as text
  • Remote PDF files can be automatically downloaded


  • Note formatting highly limited
  • Copying and pasting can be cumbersome
  • Multiple annotations hard to select

Price:Price: Free

Learn more about Skim >>

4. PDFpen for Mac

One of the best things you can do with PDFpen for Mac, especially when thinking about how to write in PDF mac files is edit and write on the PDF. The PDF writer comes in handy when you want to add texts, images and signatures. You can even use it to effectively correct typos if any and carry out changes effortlessly. OCR scanning of documents is also supported, including ability to create and fill out forms. The tool can be used in different ways to effectively alter PDF documents to what you want them to be.

pdf writer mac


  • Easy to correct PDFs, add signatures and texts
  • Includes OCR technology in digitisation of content
  • Tool allowS export of PDFs in diverse formarts like PDF/A, Office’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel among others
  • Annotations and file attachments can be extracted, previewed, edited and added
  • You can also add footers, headers, watermarks, bookmarks, even page numbers and line numbers


  • Highlighter tool not userfriendly
  • Editing photos results in unlockable aspect ratio
  • Some key languages are unsupported
  • Pricey

Price: $124.95

Learn more about PDFpen for Mac >>

5. Scribus

One of the free PDF writers worth checking out when you’re thinking about how to write on a PDF Mac document, it’s actually really good. It’s a PDF editor that works with most operating systems including Mac and free to download. The tool comes with diverse features to help you write on PDF including highlighting text to stress a certain point.

write in pdf mac


  • PDF creator as well
  • Supports ICC management of color
  • Easy to edit images and text
  • Most features are easy to use
  • Multipage and singular page documents creation possible
  • Supports diverse file formats
  • PDF compression supported
  • Interface is really easy to use
  • Allows you to transform PDFs into the kind of files you want


  • Certain aspects are unintuitive
  • Formatting could be better
  • EPS and PDF import not easy at all
  • Lacks spellchecking features
  • Labors with large files
  • Being open source affects support and feedback system

Learn more about Scribus >>

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