How to Read PDF on Mac

If you regularly deal with digital documents in and outside of the classroom or office, chances are that you've had to deal with PDF files at some point during your personal or professional life. Together with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file types, PDF files constitute the most popular group of digital documents.

Part of the reason why PDF files are popular is the relatively easier process of collaboration and communication when PDF files are involved. They can be freely and easily shared across multiple devices and operating systems, making them highly versatile. In this article, you will get some tips on how to read PDF on Mac in a better way.

How to View PDF on Mac

Check out the following procedure for viewing your PDF files on your Mac computers, including those with macOS Sierra. But before getting started, download and install Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. PDFelement combines all these features on a simple platform that gives you multiple options and preferences for viewing your PDF files.

STEP 1. Open a PDF in PDFelement

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Once you've installed PDFelement, you can begin to use the application to view your PDF files. You can open files using one of two ways. The shortest is by navigating to your PDF file, right-clicking on its icon, and selecting to open the file with PDFelement when prompted.

Otherwise, you can click "Open File" at the bottom of the Home window. Then navigate through your computer’s storage and select the file and click "Open" to import the file into your computer.

STEP 2. Customize Viewing Mode

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Once the file has been uploaded into the application, you can easily read and make changes to its contents within the application like a typical Word document. Plus, you can customize your viewing experience in a variety of ways, including changing the display and zoom settings.

  • Zoom Settings: go to "View" at the topmost menu bar, hover the mouse cursor over "Zoom", and select the zoom ratio of preference. Changing the zoom settings will immediately alter the way you view the document by default.
  • Page Display Settings: view two pages at the same time. Simply click the "View" menu button at the top, hover the mouse button over "Page Display", and select the appropriate setting. In addition to page views, you can also select to activate or deactivate page scrolling, which will affect how you navigate through the document.

STEP 3. Reading Improvement Tips

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Do you need to insert a bookmark within the PDF file or highlight an interesting line within the contents of the PDF file? Well, PDFelement presents the right combination of tools to help you make changes to the document as you go through it.

For instance, if you want to add annotations, simply select the Edit button on the menu bar. From the icons that appear below, you can select one of many icons for adding annotations, including comments and text boxes.

Other changes you can make to the document within this page include inserting redactions, highlights, and hyperlinks that can all come in handy when looking to share the final document.

STEP 4. Save PDF Document

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Always remember to save your document if you make any changes when going through it. To save the file, navigate to "File > Save As" and name the file, possibly with a different file name.