How to Redact PDF on Mac

Redaction is one of the most popular features for most of these PDF software solutions. Text redaction allows users to hide sensitive portions of content, especially for confidential documents. It usually involves blacking out text that you don't want people to see, such as addresses, social security, and identification numbers.

Physical documents can normally be blacked out using a permanent marker, which can be tedious and almost impossible for a large pile of documents. Digital files such as PDFs can be easily redacted using various PDF tools. Read on to find out how you can redact PDF on Mac to hide your sensitive information professionally.

How to Redact a PDF on Mac

Before you can begin blacking out text on your PDF files, Wondershare PDFelement for Mac needs to be a part of your applications suite. Downloading the application is quite easy and straightforward. After the download is complete, install the application then launch it to begin.

STEP 1. Import Your PDF File for Redaction

redact pdf mac

Once PDFelement has powered up, you can import your file by selecting "Open File" on the Home window and selecting the file you want to upload. Click "Open" once you've selected your file. If you can locate your file on an open window, you can simply drag and drop it into the open application to upload it.

STEP 2. Start Redacting PDF on Mac

how to redact a pdf mac

Once the file has been uploaded, you can get the redaction tool at the top right corner of the interface. Select the small drop-down menu next to the Redaction button and choose from one of several redaction preferences displayed. You can choose to mark specific text for redaction with "Text & Image", redact whole pages by selecting "Pages", search specific text and apply redaction with "Search and Redact", and use the option "Apply Redactions" to redact text after you’ve already selected it.

STEP 3. Customize Appearance of Redactions

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Once you have added your redactions, you can customize the appearance of the redactions within the document. With the Redaction option selected, you should see a properties panel to the right of the window. From this panel, you can change the color, opacity, fill color, and other settings that will change the way the redactions look like.

You can also insert text above the redactions by enabling the option “Font” This will allow you to write text over the blacked out sections of content. From the same panel, you can also change the font and style of the overlay texts.

If you have redaction codes that you wanted to apply to your document, you can insert them by selecting “Appearance” from the Redaction panel. Insert the redaction code after activating this option and then select "Apply Redactions" to commit the changes.

STEP 4. Save the Redacted PDF File

redacting pdf mac

With every piece of sensitive information redacted, remember to save the changes on your document. Go to “File” at the topmost menu bar, select "Save As", rename the file, and click "Save".