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How to Add Signature in Word on Mac

How to add signature to Word document on Mac? Have you ever wondered this question? If you have then you are on the right place. Add signature line to Word on Mac can be tricky, but this guide will make your life easier by telling you simple and easy solution to your problem.

In this guide we will cover both on Microsoft Word add signature on Mac and also using our software to add signature in Word doc by making it PDF.

Our software is PDFelement for Mac which is a very powerful yet light weight software which is packed with tonnes of features. But first let’s start with windows.

add signature to word on mac

How to Add Signature to Word on Mac

Before I begin explaining how exactly how to add signature to Word document on Mac using Microsoft Word. You need to know that Microsoft word has removed its password lock signature feature on Word for Mac software. Which is really bad as it limits what windows users can do on their system.

Here are the steps to how to add a signature in Word on Mac:

1. Making a Signature

Before we do anything at all first we need to make ourselves a signature to use which we can then add to our Word file using Microsoft to add signature to Word document on Mac.

We do this by taking a black white sheet of paper and then writing down on signature on I. And then we can take its scan or we can take it picture. This will give us a digital format image which can be inserted in the software.

Or what we can do is that we can use any digital art software like paint or any other alternative and draw our sign over there and then save that file.

2. Adding the Signature

To add the signature to Word document on Mac; we basically now need to do two things. First is making an enclosure for the signing area and second is adding signature to that area.

Click on the “Insert” button in the top menu and in the scroll down menu click on the “pictures” button. And then navigate to your image file of your signature. And add this image where you want to add your signs.

Now write some text near it so that you can leave a digital stamp. Now you select both this text and this image you have inserted. Now you can go to “Insert” and click on “Auto-text”.

This will open another pop-up. Here you can fill in all the required details which you’re required.

Why Use PDF Format over Word Format?

As you can see, in this tutorial for how to add a signature to Word document on Mac. we are having problem as we’re unable to encrypt our signature. This means that our documents are not properly protected and they can be easily changed.

In any professional environment this can be a huge issue, this is why it’s important to use a file format which gives you more options.

Another huge issue with Word file is that it doesn’t look the same across all the devices. It looks different to one person and looks like another thing to another person. PDF looks the same across all the devices.

And third and last most PDF is more affective at adding elements like images and video unlike Word.

This is why I strongly urge you to change your document to Word. Let me go over the instructions on how to do it.

add signature to word on mac

How to Add Signature in PDFs on Mac

1. Open Word File

Opening Word or any other type of file is a breeze on our software. As it can deal with all famous file formats and quickly convert them into PDFs. Moreover, it can also do batch conversion which adds into its usefulness.

Now to open the word file for this , add signature to Word document on Mac guide, click on the “File” button. This will open drop down on which click on the “Create” button. Now navigate towards the required file and add it into your project. The software will make it into PDF.

add signature to word on mac

2. Add Sign

Add Signature line to Word on Mac has never been so much easier. Our software provides such good UI and it is so easy to get complex matters resolved.

Now click on the “Form” button,which is located on the right hand side. This is give you some options in the form of top menu. Here you will click on “Digital Signature”. This will give you a box with “Sign here inserted inside it”.

Click on this “Sign Here” button. This wil open another pop up which will ask for mt older ID or help me create one.

add signature to word on mac

Properly fill in the details. Select your signature and click accept thus you have successfully completed how to how to add a signature in Word on Mac.

3. Save File

To save the file either click on “Export” or “Save”. Save will preserve the PDF format and the encryption. Export will be more valuable abroad.

add signature to word on mac

We finish our guide on to add signature to Word on Mac.

add signature to word on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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