How to Add Watermark in Word to All Pages on Mac

One of the reasons why watermarks are added on Word documents is to prevent plagiarism. The Word versions present in Mac and Windows do however vary. You may be aware on how the Windows’ Word version work, but if you want learn how to add watermark in word on Mac, this guide will help you.

Within just a few clicks, you can easily add watermark to word document on mac and you will get complete control over the security of your document since the application supports addition of passwords, and encryptions.

how to add watermark in word on mac

How to Add Watermark in Word on Mac

How to Add a Watermark in Word 2013/2016

Step 1:

Open the Word Processor. This is normally the first step. After that, open the specific document you want to add the watermarks to.

Step 2:

Activate the Design tab by clicking on it.

Step 3:

On second tab, go to watermarks.

Step 4:

You will be then availed with different kinds of watermarks to choose from. Select the one that suits your priorities.

How to Add Watermarks in Word 2007/2010

The Word 2007/2010 Mac Version is also simple to work with when inputting watermarks on documents. Follow through the following detailed steps to learn how to add watermarks using the version.

Step 1:

Open your word application then go the the document you want to add the watermarks to.

Step 2:

Select layout tab.

Step 3:

Then from top menu choose Insert and then select watermark

Step 4:

Choose a watermark you’ll want to apply to your documents, whether it is a picture or text. There are customisable options too. Upon completion, the watermarks will appear on all the pages in the document.

Word Format vs PDF Format

The future of documentation lies squarely in the PDF format. While word is still important in crucial endeavours like editing documents, PDF is taking over gaining popularity with each passing day. If you are still using Word to perform tasks on your documents then you should really try out the pdf format since it offers even more great features.

Many documents that are used in the internet use PDF format with official documents like tax forms to business permits following suit.

The advantages of using PDF format include;

  • Its compatibility and ability to store documents; PDF formats can compact or expand documents without lowering quality.
  • They are also affordable to those conscious of their financial expenditure; PDF formats are pocket friendly since most readers are free and don’t require weekly or monthly subscriptions. This opens a platform for almost everyone to access it as long as they are connected to a stable source of internet.

How to Add Watermark on PDF for Mac

However, for one to be able to access the awesome features mentioned above, you will be required to have a PDF editor. There are a number of them available especially online. PDFelement for Mac stands out as the ideal document reader. This application is loaded with features that are carefully embedded to satisfy the user fully.

how to add watermark in word on mac

Overview of PDFelement for Mac.

  • There are even more ways to protect your document using the application other than just watermarks.
  • It is available for free.
  • Allows users to share their files directly.

So, here’s how to insert a Watermark on PDFs using the PDFelement for Mac.

nuance pdf converter for mac

Step 1: Import the PDF File

Open the PDF element for Mac and import the PDF document you want the watermark be inserted. Click on open file.

how to add watermark in word on mac

Step 2: Choose the Tool Tab

Go to Tool tab then the Add or Edit Watermark tab from the submenu that pops up

how to add watermark in word on mac

Step 3: Putting your Watermark

A new menu will be shown on the left. Click on the Add Watermark icon.

how to add watermark in word on mac

Then, a new window pops up. Click Create icon to begin putting watermark. Here you can add image or text as watermark. Select text to add watermark. There are also options to customise and improve visibility of your watermark. You can also rotate it. Then click Save.

It’s not complicated to add watermark to word on mac. More so, you will get a chance to customize the added watermarks acchow to add watermark in word on macording to your own specification in terms of appearance and the length the watermark. PDF element for Mac has proved to be very efficient for editing documents beyond any reasonable doubt. More so, it is available for use at no extra cost and you are guaranteed of quality services. As seen above with picture illustrations, it is especially easy to customize the watermark as per your desire. The PDF element for Mac is that much efficient and also customer orientated to the core.

how to add watermark in word on mac
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