How to Create a Questionnaire in Word on Mac

A business or person may want to develop or create a question in word on mac to achieve certain objectives. Students may also want to create such documents especially when they are on field excursions or site visit. Microsoft offers the best tools and features that make creation of these types of documents simple. If you want to create a questionnaire template word 2010 on mac, following the right procedure is vital. The functionalities and features offered by Word make it easier for you to develop highly interactive files.

How to Create a Questionnaire in Word on Mac

With much further add, let us dive right into how to create a questionnaire in word on mac. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Unveil the Developer Tab

To do this, choose Preferences option from the Word menu.

A new window (Word Preferences) pops up. From here, simply click View icon.

A new window will be displayed. Ensure that Show developer tab option located beneath the Ribbon is checked.

Step 2: Open Blank Word Document or Template

Simply launch the black word file for creating your form. This may be time consuming, though. You can work with a form template. Choose the New from Template option from File menu. Then search the form type from Search All Templates. To open the form, you just need to double click on it.

Step 3: Content Addition

Click on the area you want to add content on the form. Choose Combo Box, Check Box or Text Box depending on your requirements.

You can choose to set properties to match what you need. To do this, choose Options tab. Now, customise properties as you want and then click OK.

Step 4: Adding Instructional Text

Simply select Text box. Then, click on Options icon. Type in the text on Default text box. You should also check the Fill-in enabled box. When that is done, choose OK.

Step 5: Protecting the Form

To protect your form from unauthorized access, simply choose Protect Form from the Developer tab.

Word Format vs PDF Format

Now that you have learned how to create a questionnaire in word on mac, you may be wondering how you could do the same thing with the PDF. Just like Word, PDF is a word processor but a better one. There, companies and people around the world prefer it. Here are some of the reasons PDFs offer excellent documents unlike word. The visual elements never get lost even during conversion. For example, if you are converting a certain format to PDF, graphics, texts or images can never get lost. All the elements are converted without distortions. Other formats are likely to lose visual elements especially after the conversion process.

How to Create a Questionnaire in PDF Documents on Mac.

There are lots of PDF editors that are used to edit PDF files. PDFelement for Mac is a perfect example of such editors. It provides the best features, exceptional features, customizable options just to mention a few. This editor is not only easy to use, it is also very pocket friendly. It can create and convert PDF flawlessly.

how to create a questionnaire in word on mac

In addition, it can annotate, merge, split and print PDFs. Other common features of PDFelement is redaction and ability to sign PDF files electronically. Below are the steps for creating a questionnaire on mac using PDFelement:

Step 1: Open the PDF Template

You can launch a blank PDF file. To do this, go to File and then choose New. This is usually time consuming. You can save more time by opening a PDF template via PDFelement. Choose Open File.

how to create a questionnaire in word on mac

Step 2: Creating Fillable Form

To do this, simply choose Form button, then select Text Field and create it. Then, click on the form filed you want to add text. There are other options you can go for to create fillable form, for instance, Check Box, Dropdown and List Box.

how to create a questionnaire in word on mac

Now you see how it is very easy to create a questionnaire in word on mac? You can also use third-party programs to create such fillable forms on PDFs. However, it is advisable to go for one that provides all the necessary features like PDFelement for Mac.

how to create a questionnaire in word on mac
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