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How to Create Signature in Word on Mac

Creating a signature in Word on Mac may seem like a daunting task, but its actually quite easy. With the right tools and the right information the job can be effortless.

In this guide I will cover each and every single aspect of this topic. And I will show you two different ways on how to create a signature in Word on Mac. For the first option we will use Microsoft’s Word, and for the second one we will use our PDFelement for Mac software.

create signature in word on mac

How to Create a Signature in Word on Mac

The bad news is that Mac for Windows has some features stripped off from the original Windows software. One of that is authenticated digital signature. So the only way we can add signature is by adding image and text to it we display our information.

Now let’s see how to create a signature in Word on Mac using Windows Microsoft Word.

1. Making a Signature

Before we add the signature into our document the first thing we need to do is actually make one! We can do that by two ways. Either we can do It physically or digitally.

In first method we will take a blank white page(as that is the background of our word files) and then we will sign it manually. Now we can either scan it and put it inside computer as image file or we can use paint or any such similar software and we can draw it there and then save the file to create a signature in Word on Mac usage in the next steps.

2. Adding the Signature

Now how to add signature onto your file?

First of all we will open our document using the “File” button on top and then clicking on “Open”. Or simply we can go to the file and move it inside the software that will also open the file.

Now we will scroll to the page where we want to add our signature to create a signature in Word on Mac. Then we will click on “insert” and inside the drop down on “pictures”. Now we will navigate to our picture and insert it.

Lastly, we will first enter some text near this image and then we will select both this image and that text and g to “insert” and then we go to “auto text”. Here we will fill in all the details for our sign and click okay to publish it!

Why Use PDF Format over Word Format?

Apart from the obvious superiority of PDF over Word format. PDF offers a wide range of advanced functionality which makes it particularly superior to Word format. Let’s go over some of these things.

First of all is the cross platform superiority of PDF over Word. If you make PDF in one system it works really well in any other system or software in the world. It basically looks the same if anybody opens it anywhere in the word-we all see the same thing.

Bur that’s not the case with Word. Word files look different on different systems and that’s problematic. If we styled it someone in one software, it can look much different in another software.

The second Is got to do with security as we can see in the how to create a signature in Word on Mac guide. That signature are not authenticated nor password protected on Windows Mac. This is a huge problem as we cannot sign official document using this format.

Therefore we must use a format which provides proper encryption and can be used to protect data properly. And the best tool for that is PDFelement for Mac.

create signature in word on mac

How to Create Signature in Word on Mac Open Word File

1. Open Word File

Let’s start by opening our file. PDFelement for Mac is great as it works with multiple file formats and it can open most commonly used formats such as powerpoint, image files and Word files.

So to open our Word file we click on the “file” button on the top menu of our PDFelement for Mac software. Then we clkc on “create” button inside the drop down menu. Now we navigate towards our file and then open it. The software converts that file into PDF which will help us create signature in Word on Mac indirectly.

create signature in word on mac

2. Add Sign

Adding sign is very simple in our software. Basically what you need to do is specify an area where you would like your sign to be inserted, and then you add sign into that area and bingo creating a signature in Word on Mac but it’s convert Word file(PDF file).

Now what we will do is click on the “Form ” button. This is on the right side bar in our application. This form will create another top bar, where we will be given multiple options and we will click on “Digital Signature” button. Now we can create a container for our signature.

After creating the container we would need to put our signs in it. To do that we will click on the “sign here” icon inside this container. This will open pop up where we will make ID for authentication. Once that done we will click okay and the signature will be added on the correct place.

create signature in word on mac

3. Save File

To save file click on “File” and then on “save” to save this new file at your desired location.

create signature in word on mac

This will conclude our how to create a signature in Word on Mac

create signature in word on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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