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How to Draw Signature in Word on Mac

There are multiple ways to create a signature to use electronically, and one is to draw signature in Word on Mac. If you draw your signature in Word on Mac, you acquire the capability to sign your Word documents without having to print them.

This article explains how to draw signature in Word on Mac, and in PDF documents through PDFelement for Mac. It is also informative since you will learn which format is the best between Word and PDF.

draw signature in word on mac

How to Draw Your Signature in Word on Mac

If you are wondering, “How can I draw my signature Microsoft Word on Mac?” the following guide will show you how.

Step 1: Open Preview

Go to your Application folder and open Preview

Step 2: Select Signature

On the Tool tab, select Annotate and then Signature

draw signature in word on mac

Step 3: Add your Signature

Choose Manage Signatures button to make your signature. You can click Done when you are through.

draw signature in word on mac

Alternatively, draw your signature on a blank white paper. Use the Mac built-in camera to capture the signature. Hold it in front of this camera and capture the signature.

draw signature in word on mac

Click on Show Edit Toolbar. Then, choose the Sign option.

You can the resize the signature based on your needs.

Word Format vs PDF Format

Professionals and other Mac users continue to question which format is the most preferable for documentation. PDF and Word formats have been used over time, although the former seems to be used more in current times.

Most people find Word as easy to use and may settle for it thinking that PDF is tough. In reality, editing in PDF depends on the editor you choose. If you use PDFelement for Mac, editing will be fun and broader since the programs with multiple smarter editing tools.

draw signature in word on mac

Word also complicates processes such as drawing signatures, while the PDF format makes it easy. So, eventually professionals have to accept that PDF is much better than Word.

When it comes to printing PDF documents, the layout is exactly as displayed in the screen and the images are high resolution. This is hardly possible with Word. If you are dealing with online content, PDF displays high quality documents that attract readers.

PDF can also behave like a web page when you incorporate searchability, intra-document hyperlinks and bookmarks. You can protect content using encryption or password, to prevent the alteration of information. In archiving, you can compress PDF files into compact data without interfering with its quality and store safely till further notice.

draw signature in word on mac

How to Draw Signature in PDFs on Mac

As you handle the Microsoft Word draw signature on Mac, remember that you can also draw signatures on PDF documents easily, if you use the right tool, PDFelement for Mac. This program is powerful and yet easy to use as you manipulate your PDF documents.

The process of drawing a signature on PDF using PDFelement for Mac is extremely brief and does not involve too many steps like Word. The program allows you to put the drawn signature electronically in your documents, to prove their authenticity.

PDFelement for Mac has multiple other functions handled by the following features.

  • Protection of signed PDFs and sharing to reach respective parties.
  • Creation of new PDFs in diverse ways
  • Smarter editing
  • Creation of fillable forms that are also personalized
  • Converting PDFs in large numbers, to and from other formats

These steps provide the method to draw signatures on PDF documents. They are understandable and easy to do.

Step 1: Import the PDF

Open PDFelement for Mac and then import the PDF document that needs the signature. You may import PDF by dragging and dropping it in the program or by pressing the Open File function.

draw signature in word on mac

Step 2: Choose Markup Option.

Another panels will be displayed. Here, select Signature.

draw signature in word on mac

Step 3: A New Window Named Create Signature is Shown.

From here, you can choose the type of color the signature should appear in. Also, you have an option to alter the thickness of the signature to make it more vivid.

From this window, draw your signature. Then, click Done. You can then move the signature or resize it accordingly.

draw signature in word on mac

You may resize it by dragging its four corners.

In conclusion, the experiences of using Word files are different from PDFs’. Drawing a signature in Word seems complicated while in PDF, it is extremely fast and brief. The PDF format is better at documentation and only requires a great tool like PDFelement for Mac.

draw signature in word on mac
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