How to Edit a Picture in Word on Mac

Are you wanting to crop your images or simply import them into Photoshop? Or, do you just want to adjust color saturation? There are already inbuilt tools in mac that you can use to edit your pictures on word the way you want.

Ever wanted to edit a picture in microsoft word on mac? Whether it’s your favorite picture to hang up on the wall or just make it your wallpaper, this guide will illustrate how to edit picture in microsoft word on Mac stress free.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac

How to Edit Image in Word on Mac

Pictures on word can be rotated, flipped or even resized to give them a personal touch or make them fit on your pages. But how do you do it? Here’s how you can edit an image in word on mac.

Step 1: Add the Picture to Word Doc

To add a picture on Word doc, Insert tab, and then Pictures option. Then, click on file location of the picture to add it on the Word. Select the picture from the dialogue page that follows subsequently.

Step 2: Choose Picture Format

When you click on the photo, you will see a Picture Format option. Click on this.

Step 3: Adjusting Brightness

A new menu will be displayed. Here, you will have various options that you can apply to change the appearance of your picture.

From the adjust icon, you can choose options that suits what you want. For instance, you can remove background, change the picture, select color tone or saturation, add artistic effects, improve transparency, compress or reset pictures.

Moreover, you can click on Corrections to increase brightness or contract. From the page that pops up, you can choose the option you would want to apply.

Step 4: Change Picture Styles

You can also add change picture styles. For example, you can change the border or even picture effects. Just choose options that suit you and apply.

Step 5: Add Text That Describes the Picture

To do this, simply click on Alt Text. A new window will be displayed on the right side. You can type at the here and mark it as decorative.

Step 6: Crop the Image to Your Personal Requirements

All you have to do to crop the picture is choose Crop icon. Then, from the drop-down list, you can choose any option that suits your need.

step 7: Change the Dimensions

You can change the dimensions of the picture by typing in your preferred length and width. Alternatively, you can change dimensions by percentages.

Word Format vs PDF Format

The PDF has by far overshadowed Word doc. The ease and convenience it offers is just exceptional, and its features are entirely magical. Most people are now shifting towards this format because it add more security to the documents unlike Word.

It has all the essential editing capabilities missing on Word. Thus, it is more effective for documentation. Unlike Word, PDF consumes much storage space. PDF has single-handedly revolutionized the way people view, edit as well as share files or documents. That is not all, making signatures on PDFs is straightforward and cost-effective. It has excellent editing tools that offer great results.

How to Edit a Picture in PDF on Mac

PDFelement for Mac is primarily used to encrypt, annotate, edit, run OCR as well as convert PDFs. It has customisable laid-out features and excellent text editing interface. Here’s how to edit a picture on PDFelement.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac

Step 1: Open the PDF file Containing the Picture

Click on the Open File option to upload the PDF document.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac

Step 2: Resize the Image

Click on Image option. This will enable you to change the size of the images by moving its corners or ends.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac

step 3: Rotate and Crop the Picture

At top, access rotate option to align the picture the way you want it. Also, you can crop it to meet your personals needs. You can save the changes once you are done.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac

It is very easy to learn to edit jpeg file in word on mac. You don’t have to be a techie to do it. With the mac’s built-in features, you can edit your pictures professionally without damaging or destroying them. There are also countless programs that can achieve the same task. Some of these software have exception interface and features. Also, they are very simple to install and use. A perfect example of such programs is PDFelement for mac. Its unique laid-out tools makes it the best tool for editing pictures or images flawlessly on PDF files.

edit a picture in microsoft word on mac
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