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How to Edit a Scanned Document in Word on Mac

You may have wondered, “How can I edit scanned document in Word on Mac?” It is a common question among people that scan documents often and would like to change the text. First, acknowledge that it is possible to transform scanned Word document to editable Word on Mac.

This article will display the process of doing so, so that you can learn how to edit a scanned Word document on Mac. It also has the steps for doing so with PDF documents.

How to Edit a Scanned Word Document on Mac

Turning scanned Word document to editable Word on Mac is possible. The process is simple and saves time and effort. Also, there is no human interference. The steps bellow will confirm how to edit a scanned Word document on Mac.

Step 1: Open scanned document

Browse and open the scanned document. Simply drag and drop it on the Preview. Alternatively, double click the file.

There are multiple ways to edit the file as soon as it opens.

Step 2: Add text

Adding text to your scanned document can be either completing form details or annotating. To access the editing toolbar, choose the Show Markup Toolbar option. To add text to a scanned page, click on Text (T) icon and start typing. You can now add text.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Step 3: Change text settings

Changing text settings includes altering the size, color, style and alignment of the text. To do so, select the Text Style (A) function and start changing the settings as you desire.

Step 4: Add shape

Shapes are useful in highlighting certain areas. Click on the Shapes option; the drop down menu indicates the shapes you can insert.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Step 5: Add note

A note helps in annotating a document. To add a note, select the Notes icon. Click on the note and position it where needed by dragging it. Expand it by clicking on it again. A flashing cursor will also appear and you may type.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

PDF and Word formats have been essential in communication where documentation of information is inevitable. As a result, they are used worldwide in schools, offices, business and organizations. However, there is a difference in how the two formats record and maintain the multiple types of information.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Considering that PDF and Word are products of different companies, Adobe and Microsoft, they are diverse in the way they edit content. For instance, the process to turn scanned Word document to editable Word on Mac is not the same as the PDF process.

Word cannot handle the process without OneNote, and the lack of consistency in that process may cause confusion. On the other hand, PDF only requires a PDF tool like PDFelement with OCR technology, which makes the process easy.

If you analyze PDF well, you will also learn that it is more beneficial due to its capabilities, such as combining numerous formats into one PDF document. So, you can have texts from Word and spreadsheets from Excel as well as images from other formats.

What’s more, viewing of such information is not restricted to a single program, unlike Word that is restricted to Microsoft Office. This aspect encourages archiving of documents in PDF.

How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Mac

Editing a scanned PDF document on Mac is easy and fast if you go for the right software. PDFelement for Mac is undoubtedly the best software for the task, since it is advanced and comes with the necessary tool to make scanned PDF editable.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

The feature required for this task is Optical Character Recognition. PDFelement for Mac uses this technology to make scanned PDF editable in an instance. Since the program has a great interface, you do not require much information technology knowledge to perform OCR.

PDFelement for Mac is designed to ensure PDF management progresses smoothly, to deliver satisfaction. You can work on your PDF files from anywhere, since you can send and receive the files through email or Dropbox.

Other tasks that this program specializes in include;

  • Signing PDFs digitally to approve their authenticity
  • Extracting pages to form new PDF files and extracting data for analysis or archiving
  • Converting PDFs to numerous other formats in high numbers without supervision
  • Editing PDF content such as images and texts.
  • Watermarking PDFs to make them unique and attractive.

The steps below are few and easy, and so you will be done with editing scanned PDF files within a short time.

Step 1: Open your scanned PDF

The process begins with opening the scanned PDF file in PDFelement for Mac. You can choose to drag and drop it into the software to automatically open as a PDF. Another alternative is using the Open File function.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Step 2: Perform Optical Character Recognition

To do OCR on the scanned PDF file, simply click on the Perform OCR notification. Alternatively, click Tool and choose Batch Process.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Proceed by choosing OCR Text Recognition. Then choose +Add to upload the scanned PDF file.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Then, select Editable Text.

scanned word document to editable word on mac

Step 3: Edit the scanned PDF

After performing OCR by clicking Apply, the new editable PDF file will open in PDFelement for Mac. You can start editing texts.

In conclusion, it is advisable to create signatures in PDF format, through PDFelement for Mac. The process is shorter and thus easier, and more understandable. It does not cause confusion like the Word process, which requires moving from one application to another for completion.

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