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How to Electronically Sign a Word Document on Mac

Whether you need a loan approval document, or any other document that requires a digital signature, it is possible to input the signature provided you use a proper tool. Adding digital signatures is however confusing to majority of users and many often wonder how do you electronically sign a word document on Mac.

It is relatively cheaper and efficient to add digital signatures yourself other than seeking help since the process can be undertaken easily as earlier mentioned. The guide below will show ways of how you can electronically sign word document on Mac.

How to Electronically Sign in Word on Mac

Step 1: Sign on a Piece of Paper

Sign on a piece of paper, scan and save it to your Mac device in any desired format on Word. Simply;

  • Click insert then pictures and choose the picture from the file to begin.

electronically sign word document on mac

Step 2: Customise Image

Click on the image to customise it based on your requirements. Click on it to reveal the format tab then you can resize it by cropping

electronically sign word document on mac

Step 3: Add Texts to the Signature

Here, you could type a text under the picture and choose both pictures and text. To do this, choose Insert on the top menu and pick AutoText and AutoText.

electronically sign word document on mac

Step 4: Type Text

Type a text under your signature in the dialogue box that pops. Then, select Insert once done.

electronically sign word document on mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

The two formats are accepted universally when it comes to handling documents. But which one stands out? The answer is that it depends. Word is better when it comes to dealing with images as it accommodates easy extraction and reusage. Also, the application makes it possible for users to edit documents. PDF formats are crucial on the other hand for file exchange. Other features that have made the application be popular of late are listed below.

electronically sign word document on mac

Advantage of the PDF Format

  • It’s easily downloadable and even easier to install on your device, not just a Mac even Android or Windows.
  • It’s highly graphical in nature and efficient as you can handle your window operations with ease and it’s just smooth sailing as guaranteed.
  • You won’t have to worry about language barriers as most PDFs are available in 25 most common languages and it’s just a major convenience especially when communicating with foreigners and people from across the world board.
  • The safety of your document is highly regarded. Here you can set multiple phases of encryption and this is especially efficient in handling sensitive data and information.

How to Insert a Signature in PDF on Mac.

Electronically inserting a signature is the new way to get your documents approved. You don’t have to physically travel and show up as this is time consuming and way expensive and who knows, you might even not get your signature. So why go through all these trouble when there’s an easier way. The PDFelement for Mac is the solution.

electronically sign word document on mac

You can eliminate all your doubts and quickly download the PDF element for Mac for its guaranteed to be of utmost importance to your business or day to day living. Here is an overview of the powerful PDF element for Mac;

electronically sign word document on mac

  • As you mentioned, you can add electronic signatures to your documents
  • Also, you can protect your document by inserting watermarks and putting the document on read only mode
  • Add sticky notes as reminders
how to electronically sign word document on mac

Here’s how to insert a signature in PDF using the PDFelement for Mac.

Step 1: Open File

Once you have the PDFelement for Mac click on open file button to import the PDF file to the program.

electronically sign word document on mac

Step 2: Create a Signature

Click on Markup section once the PDF is imported. Then, select signature option on the submenu

electronically sign word document on mac

Step 3: Write Your Signature Electronically

A new window pops up. From here, you can write your signature. You have the option to pick your favorite for the signature including making it more visible. Choose Done icon to finish the process.

electronically sign word document on mac

If you have been searching for ways on how to electronically sign in word on mac, then we hope these tips helped you out. Actually, it is not a difficult process to electronically sign word doc on mac. There are many programs that can be used to achieve the same purpose. A good example of such programs is PDFelement for Mac. It is very easy to add signatures using it.

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