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How to Insert Arrow in Word on Mac

Still don’t know how to insert arrow in Word on Mac. This is the ultimate guide in learning how to draw an arrow in Word on Mac. By the tail end of the guide you will draw arrow in Word on Mac. This is usually a frequently asked question by Mac users both new and experienced users but it’s really not hard to configure an arrow into your document. Stay glued!

how to insert arrow in word on mac

How to Insert Arrow in Word on Mac

An attractive document has some very basic features like a personal touch. This could be in the form of a drawing that you insert and it could go a long way in expressing your personality and later transpire I very unique document. This is a sought after feature by even artists or just ordinary Word users, and Mac users should also learn how to do it.

Here’s how to insert an arrow on Mac.

Step 1:

Open the Word document on Word processor.

Step 2:

There’s an insert tab at the top of the Word doc. Click on insert to access the menu.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

Step 3:

Click anywhere on the document and where you desire to insert the arrow. Hit the Shapes tab and here you will gain access to the shapes to get your work implemented as desired.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

Step 4:

From the new menu, you can access the type of shape you want or matches your personal touch. Here’s where you will get various arrow options.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

Step 5:

Then, save it by pressing Command + S. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Comparison between the Word Format and PDF Format

The merits are so numerous, the words to describe the amount of features that PDF offers that Word just lacks. Unless they up their game, PDF format is still the superior document reader.

Its easy-to-use interface enables even rookies to use any PDF reader unlike Word which you must go through some sort of training or guidance in order to be able to navigate through the jungle of its complex features.

It’s also very safe as it contains various encryption levels and also setting up of a password and even in some cases they have facial recognition software that is used in highly classified documents mostly in the army or intelligence services. You can rest easy as your documents are very safe in comparison to Word where anyone can access and even alter or change the content.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

Also, the ease of signing and approving some documents is a merit associated with a PDF reader. As this feature saves time and you can remotely close business agreements with just an electronic signature that is found on any good PDF reader. As a result, you save some cash.

Even though PDF has a lot of benefits, it makes editing of content a little complicated especially to newbies. Third-party programs are needed to effectively alter or edit content on PDF file unlike on Word.

How to Insert an Arrow in a PDF Document on Mac

Efficiency embodied! This is what the PDFelement for Mac is all about. Do you want nice, neat and presentable documents? The PDFelement for Mac is your right tool compared to many confusion PDF readers out there.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

As world-class software that, it comes loaded with unique features to take care of your documents and much more, just to say the least.

The following steps will guide you on how to insert an arrow(s) in your PDF document using the PDFelement for Mac. They are very easy and you should try them out just to see if they work!

Step 1: Open a PDF

After launching the PDF element for Mac, click on the open file button to browse the PDF file you wish to add the arrow. Or alternatively you could drag and drop the PDF file for the software to open.

how to insert arrow in word on mac

Step 2: Insert the Arrows

Here, you will click on the Markup where another tab will be displayed. Here, choose Shapes, you will be able to see the shapes to choose from. Again, the PDF element for Mac has outdone itself in offering a wide variety to pick from. Another small window is displayed. Select Arrow Tool.

insert arrow in word on mac

Step 3: Change the Properties of the Arrow

Click on the arrow and a small window will be displayed that contains customization options. For example, you can increase the thickness of the arrow, add your preferred color, increase thickness by percentage or delete it. Here, you can customize your arrow as per your personal requirements.

It’s easy to add arrows on word using built-in features of mac as clearly illustrated. However, PDFelement is the recommended tool that allows you to customize your arrow to give it that personal touch. Whether it’s the color, length or width, this program has it all well covered.

how to insert arrow in word on mac
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