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How to Insert Signature in Word Mac

If you are in business, you may have to insert signature in Word Mac at some point. This often happens when making binding contracts or agreements with other business persons to ensure that all parties adhere to the rules.

Inserting signature in Word Mac is not difficult at all as it involves few steps. This guide will help you understand how to insert signature in Word Mac and in PDFs. It will also improve your understanding of PDF and Word formats.

How to Insert Signature in Word Mac

1. Pick a piece of paper and put your signature on it. Scan it and then save it in a popular format in your Mac computer. Launch Word in your Mac and access Insert. Go to Pictures and choose the Picture from File option. This will begin the process to insert signature Word Mac.

insert signature in word mac

2. A dialogue box will appear, which you should use to ensure the picture is selected. As soon as the picture is added on Word, click on it to expose the Format tab. To resize the signature to a reasonable size, click on Crop.

insert signature in word mac

3. Under the picture, type the text, and then choose both, the picture and text. Go to the Insert option again and choose Auto text, and then click on New.

insert signature in word mac

4. Another dialogue box will appear where you should write your signature’s name. When done, click OK.

insert signature in word mac

5. This method will definitely create the signature. From there you are free to insert signature into Word Mac whenever it is necessary.

Place the cursor in the location where the signature should be put. Go to the Insert menu and choose AutoText. A new menu will appear, so choose Auto Text to have the process completed in full.

insert signature in word mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

In the current times, Word format is not as popular and common as it used to be. Technological advancements have made PDF format more popular than Word, since it comes with a lot of special characters and capabilities, especially when managed by great PDF solutions like PDFelement for Mac.

insert signature in word mac

Word is still easy to use, print and scan. However, individuals and organizations prefer PDF format because of the results. Whenever you print PDFs, the outcome is exactly what you see on your Mac screen. On the other hand, a Word printed document will appear different.

PDF format is also more trustworthy as well since you can ensure no alteration of information. Word is not secure or safe enough to even publish online, anyone can change the content. Consequently, PDF files are trusted more during court proceedings than Word.

Therefore, PDF format is beneficial to businesses and legal proceedings since the forms and documents maintain the exact appearance regardless of the opening program. This ensures that the information in such PDF files maintain their integrity. Otherwise, any change could mean there is a breach of security, especially in the terms of agreement.

Additionally, PDF management is easy, so long as you use the most reliable PDF tool.

How to Insert Signature in PDF on Mac

If you are seeking the best program to insert signature in PDF on Mac, you should consider PDFelement for Mac. This software enables you to make a personalized signature through multiple ways, which you can later apply electronically in your PDF documents.

insert signature in word mac

PDFelement is highly recommended because it is cost effective and its graphical nature makes it easy to handle. So, you do not have to be a technology professional to work with it.

The following features ensure that your PDFs are high quality;

  • Easy protection of PDFs to prevent unwanted viewing, access and editing.
  • Optical Character Recognition to make scanned PDF editable
  • PDF editing
  • Data extraction
  • Batch processing during format conversion to or from PDF

The guide below will ensure that you create your signature as you wish and insert in the PDF documents.

Step 1: Open your PDF in PDFelement for Mac

Download and install PDFelement for Mac. Proceed to opening the PDF in the program by clicking on Open File.

insert signature in word mac

Step 2: Create your Signature

When the PDF is successfully opened, select Markup option. Choose the Signature option situated in the sub-menu.

A new icon is displayed, which will reveal 4 color options. You should make your choice. Then, make your signature and click Done. You can type a text to make a signature in your PDF files. You can also add thickness of your signature to make it clear.

insert signature in word mac

In conclusion, you can insert signature in Word Mac and PDF too. However, PDF emerges as the best option because it has multiple options of how to create your signature and the process to insert is shorter. Simply convert your Word document to PDF to enjoy the PDF format.

insert signature in word mac
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