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How to Make a Signature in Word on Mac

How to make a signature in Word on Mac can seem like a daunting task. But in actuality its not. It’s a very simple task and in this tutorial I will show you exactly how it’s done.

First of all we will be seeing how to make signature in Word on Mac using Microsoft Word, and then we will see the same thing using it with our software PDFelement for Mac.

how to make a signature in word on mac

The reason why we will be using PDFelement for Mac, as its one of the best software available on Mac for PDFs. It’s powerful, feature rich and cost effective.

nuance pdf converter for mac

How to Make Signature in Word on Mac

First of all I would like to tell you that Microsoft Word has not given Word for Mac the option to create password protected digital Signature for itself. This greatly limits how much we can format the Word file for encrypted sign

Now let’s dive in and see how to make signature line in Word on Mac:

1. Making a Signature

Basically, what we try to do over is to bypass this restriction and still get signature on our document. The way we do is by adding an image on our signature inside our document.

We either take a blank page, draw our signature and take picture of it. And then save it on our machine to use to make signature in Word on Mac. Or we do it digitally by using paint or any other similar such software to do this task.

2. Adding the Signature

Now to add the signature what we do is open our document file and open the page where we want to insert our signature. Now we click on top menu’s button “Insert”. In it’s drop down we select “Pictures”. Then we navigate to our image file and insert in inside our Word document.

Secondly, we add some text right next to the image where we want to add our digital signature’s information. Then we select both the inserted image and the text next to it. Make sure that this inserted image is selected and then click on “insert” button again.

A drop down will appear select the “Auto text ” button. Here just add in your details and click okay to finish the process.

Why Use PDF Format over Word Format?

PDF format is vastly superior as we can see in this tutorial on how to make a signature in Word for Mac. It offer a number of different features which puts it on a level higher than that of Word format

Let’s first go over the word format.

Word format is made by Windows and it controls it entirely. That is way it works very well on Windows machines but the files made on the Windows machine open differently on other machines and software. Basically, Word file is not consistent from device to device and software to software. Meaning It doesn’t maintain its state.

Another huge drawback is security and encryption and protection of data. One of the most convenient features of the PDF is being able to sign your documents digitally and then being able to transfer these documents to any computer or machines seamlessly for viewing.

As we saw in this how-to of make signature in Word on Mac, that Mac users are unable to properly encrypt these signature. This makes Word essentially useful for any kind of legal documentation.

Lastly, PDF offers more options in design than word. You can even add images or video to your files. Move elements and customize with ease.

how to make a signature in word on mac

How to Make a Signature in PDFs on Mac

1. Open Word File

Let’s start by opening the Word file which we shall convert in a better format for being able to properly make signature in Word on Mac.

Launch your application PDFlement for Mac. After then go to your top bar and click on “File” button. Over here justclick on the “create” button. Now browser your file using the prompt box and open one or more files. As PDFelement for Mac allows batch conversion. Once these files will open there format will change into PDF.

how to make a signature in word on mac

2. Add Sign

As its a PDF file it’s so much easier to make a signature in Word on Mac. It gives us a lot of flexibility and multiple options.

Now firstly we will click on the “Form” button which is towards our right in the side bar. And then click on “Digital signature” icon. This will help us create a box where we will place our signature.

Now we will click on “Sign Here” con in this box. This button in terms will also give us another bar on our top below the top menu bar. Here we will click on the digital signature button.

how to make a signature in word on mac

Once we click on this digital signature button it will create another pop up which will help us make signature in Word on Mac. If you have already created an ID for your digital signature then it will ask you to enter password and choose the relevant signature. If you haven't made your signature, it will help you create the ID

Once the ID is created and you have added all the required information for your digital signature. Click the “Okay” button.

3. Save File

Lastly, we will either save this PDF file at a secure location or we can convert it to any other format but that will finish the encryption of our signature. So I do not recommend it.

how to make a signature in word on mac

This will conclude our how to make a signature in Word on Mac.

how to make a signature in word on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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