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How to Mirror an Image in Word on Mac

Mirroring an image is achieved by simply reverting the actual image. It is a feature that majority of Mac users need especially when dealing with images and documents. Though it’s not a common practice, mirroring images is slowly gaining traction with the previously daunting task becoming simple each day. So, here is how to mirror an image on Mac in very easy steps that even rookies can cope with.

It’s important to learn how to mirror picture in Word on Mac on your own so as to perform your endeavors without restrictions.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

How to Mirror Picture in Word on Mac

Here is How to mirror image in Word on Mac.

Step 1: Open the Word document- after opening the Word document, place the insertion points where you want the images to be.

Step2: On the next step, click on the insert tab and select the picture from the illustration group. There is an insert picture dialogue box that will appear.

Step 3: On the third step, you must first load the image on your page by double clicking on the image file.

Step 4: Finally, go to the Picture Format.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

On Arrange icon, select the rotate option. This lets you flip horizontally or vertically depending on the way you want to revert your image. It’s that easy to mirror and print an image using your Mac device. The steps are also easy to follow ensuring time efficiency.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

Documents provide a channel through which people can share information with one another. It is defined as data expressed in writings and without fiction. The two most common formats used to handle documents is Word and PDF. These two forms were made by two separate companies, PDF for Adobe and Word by Microsoft. The formats are unique in terms of service delivery. Generally, Word stands out when it comes to editing contents while PDF is delivery-oriented in that it’s recognized in almost all the platforms. The PDF format has been gaining popularity of late however.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

Advantage of PDF Format

  • The merits of using PDF over stressed. PDF is secure armed with its password prompts and other security features that prevent unauthorized access making it suitable for your office use and even just casual document sharing.
  • PDF integrates images, hyperlinks and other non text elements. They also offer a proper layout and its ease to access the document cannot go unnoticed.
  • It can also compress documents and has a larger storage capability.

How to Mirror an Image in PDF

This is simply done in 3 easy steps and is actually quite easy. There are of course other steps you could follow but this right here is the easiest way to mirror your image.

Whether you want to mirror for fun or solve certain problems in mathematics, this is the guide for you because the PDFelement for Mac has got it all. This tools covers from all the reverting forms to providing a storage platform to documents for you. Wait, the tool accommodates sharing, and this makes the PDF element for Mac one stop shop for all your reverting needs. It has worked for millions and they are all happy with the output. Here are more features of the PDF element for Mac.

how to mirror an image in word on mac
  • Very easy to use. It has a very friendly user interface
  • Through it’s batch processing, easily convert PDF forms from word to Excel or access very easily
  • Its security features are also top notch.

So here’s how to mirror an image in PDF format using the PDF element for Mac.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

Step 1: Open File

Load the PDFelement for Mac in your device. If you do not have the application, you can easily download it online and have it installed.

  • Click on open file icon and open the PDF file you wish to alter.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

Step 2: Mirror the Image in PDF

Click Add or Edit Image left corner, select the image

Click on Rotate icon to overturn horizontal or vertical to mirror your image. Right click on the image to show the editing features of the image

how to mirror an image in word on mac

If you opt for overturn horizontal the image will turn horizontally and if you go for vertically the image will be reverted to face its vertical side. So, be advised!

Step 3: Save the PDF.

After mirroring, follow through the following guidelines to save the image.

how to mirror an image in word on mac

The PDF element for Mac is by far the best way to edit and store your documents. It provides an easier way to the users who normally deal with documents frequently.
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