How to Print Word Document without Comments on Mac

Word comes with multiple capabilities that you may not know about. This includes a feature for printing Word without comments. Therefore, if you have a Word document that has comments, you can Word print without comments on Mac.

In this article, you will find the procedure of how to print Word document without comments on Mac and PDFs as well. You will also find a comparison between Word and PDF, advantages of using PDF and some information on the best PDF editor.

How to Do Word Print without Comments on Mac

In Word, comments are used to state facts, opinions, point out where corrections are needed or simply mark areas of interest. However, they may not be necessary when printing a Word document.

There are different versions of Word, due to its evolution over time. The most common versions are Word 2016 and Word 2007. Due to their differences, the processes to print Word document without comment on Mac differ as well. The steps to take to Word print without comments on Mac differ because of their layouts.

Here is how to print Word doc without comments on Mac in these versions respectively.

Printing Word doc without comments on Word 2016

  • Open the Word document
  • Access the Review tab; in the tracking group, select Show Markup.
  • Simply clear the comments through the check box.


  • Access the File function and select Print
  • Under Settings, go to Print All Pages and choose the arrow next to this option.
  • Then select Print Markup.

Printing Word doc without comments on Word 2007

  • Select the Review function. In the tracking group, choose Show Markup
  • Ensure you clear the check box for comment
  • Then go to Print. Change the box for Print What to Document
  • To complete the process by selecting OK.

Word Format vs PDF Format

Word format can hardly be compared to PDF format. Word may not need a special program to print word document without comments on Mac like PDF does. However, PDF format still continues to be popular and the most preferred due to multiple reasons.

Word format is easy to use and versatile. However, it has some shortcomings like lack of flexibility and creativity. You may experience some issues during the conversion of special features as well. Additionally, using an incorrect program to open Word has some consequences, which include the alteration or twisting on the document formatting.

On the other hand, PDF format is also easy to use especially if you use a PDF tool like PDFelement for Mac. It is the most adaptable and hence PDF files can be accessed in numerous platforms. The sharp image quality makes image appear clear.

word print without comments on mac

So, PDF is advantageous to businesses, individuals and governmental organizations. It incorporates electronic signatures, which enable verification of PDF documents like contracts, annual reports, invoices and sale reports.

word print without comments on mac

It is the best for sharing valuable information since you can use encryption to ensure that only the receiver has access. It is deal for the large files since they can be compressed without tempering with the quality.

How to Print PDF without Comments on Mac

As Microsoft Word allows you to print Word document without comments on Mac, PDFelement for Mac does the same with PDFs and further manages the documents. As a result, this PDF editor is one of a kind, among all others in the market currently.

PDFelement for Mac has a special design, which ensures that files in PDF format are well managed and problems are quickly solved. It is capable of multiple functions aside from printing PDFs. It can edit PDF files through smarter editing tools, which also cater to the flow of texts in a single line or paragraph.

You can take any path among several to make new PDFs, which have great quality and standard. If you are worried about the cost of having this better experience with this editor, you will be pleased to learn that it is very cost effective and comes in packages.

Additionally, PDFelement for Mac is not complicated and so you should not worry about being a beginner. The features of this top notch PDF solution;

  • Annotation through markup tools, shapes, stamps, and comments to easily collaborate ideas and memorize important facts
  • PDF sharing through email or Dropbox, which enables working away from the office.
  • Creation and utilization of electronic signatures to ensure easy verification of documents
  • PDF data protection through redaction or passwords. This ensures documents remain valid and legitimate if they are legally binding
  • Extraction and splitting of PDFs to make new documents, without affecting other files

Steps to Print PDF without Comments on Mac

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Run PDFelement for Mac. Open the PDF document by clicking on the Open File option.

word print without comments on mac

Step 2: Print PDF File with or without Comments

Access File and then Print.

word print without comments on mac

A new window is displayed, choose ‘Show Details’ to view printing options. Here, you can customize your document and then print it based on your personal needs.

word print without comments on mac

In conclusion, learning how to print Word doc without comments on Mac is easy. However, the process is much easier in PDFs. The PDF format comes with multiple benefits, which make it the better choice especially when dealing with organizational documents.

word print without comments on mac
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