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How to Remove Hyperlink in Word Mac

As much as hyperlinks are crucial for providing extra information in Word Mac documents, they can cause real headache when they become many and useless. It therefore becomes a necessity to look for means to remove hyperlinks in Word Mac.

MacOS is a dynamic software with different versions being availed continually. Therefore, the steps explained below may vary but the good thing is that the basics remain constant across the board. It is an interesting piece and quite helpful too to both professionals and rookies. Removing them is easy as illustrated below.

How to Remove Hyperlink in Word Mac

Here are the steps of how to remove hyperlink in word for Mac;

Step 1: Open the file containing the hyperlink in Word.

remove hyperlink in word mac

Step 2: In this step, you need to select the entire text. You can do this by pressing Command + A

remove hyperlink in word mac

Step 3: The last step is to remove all hyperlinks word mac. To do this, press on Command + 6. All the hyperlinks will be removed.

Word Format vs PDF Format

Thought Word and PDF perform closely similar tasks, the Word format is slowly going out of style as more people are adapting the PDF format because it offers more features when compared to Word. Its popularity cannot be overemphasized. Governments globally are adapting this system to their day to day services. Recently, the United States of America had their IRX tax forms used in PDF format. Also, most legal entities use PDF to distribute information across the nation. And it’s not just the USA that’s adapting the smarter way of information.

remove hyperlink in word mac

Word however is still at the forefront when it comes to editing documents effectively. The applications has got lots of features which users can use to make their documents. But when it comes to displaying the data in terms of ease of share across the internet and document visibility, PDF format outshines word. The format was made by Adobe, a product of Apple Inc.

Advantage of PDF Format

  • PDF format is its compactness in that it allows the size of documents to be reduced without affecting the quality.
  • PDF can be viewed from any device. Word is however restricted in that you first have its proprietary software in order to view it.

How to Remove Hyperlinks in PDF Documents

PDF efficiency improved when the PDFelement for Mac came into picture. All its features are made bearing customer satisfaction in mind. This will be noticed when you use this software to handle all your PDF necessities and edits especially when removing hyperlinks as it makes it fast, easy, and convenient.

remove hyperlink in word mac

PDF element has also proved to be very competent when compared to the other tools. It has user a friendly interface with its cooling theme that depict a feeling of calmness. Some more features include:

  • The PDF element for Mac is completely free thus pocket friendly
  • It’s easily available on the app store in case you don’t already have it
  • You can easily fill out electronic forms via the PDF element for Mac.

Here’s how to remove hyperlinks using the PDFelement for Mac:

Step 1: Open the PDF in PDF element for Mac

While you are still at the desktop, first step is to launch the software. Then open the file and look for the PDF element.

remove hyperlink in word mac

Step 2: Remove the Hyperlink

This is the final step to removing the hyperlink.

  • Click on the Link icon to remove all hyperlinks.
  • Then, press delete on the keyboard.

remove hyperlink in word mac

The guide will get rid of your hyperlinks quickly and effectively.

As you may have noticed, it is simple to do away with unwanted hyperlinks in documents. It is important to have a good app that will make things easier when erasing hyperlinks as it is the case with PDF element for Mac. The PDF element for Mac is simplifying things at a higher notch with the help of its manual guide that is easily found on the web browsers. Users can also perform other document tasks with the tool like editing and storing their files.

remove hyperlink in word mac
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