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How to Remove Watermark in Word on Mac

Any document with a watermark is likely to catch your attention. A watermark could be a text or image put at the background of the document. For various reasons, you may decide to remove watermark Word on Mac, which is possible to remove watermark Word 2010 on Mac.

This article contains information to help you remove watermark from Word document on Mac and from PDF files. It will educate you on PDF and Word formats by comparing various aspects and summarizing PDF advantages.

remove watermark word on mac

How to Remove Watermark from Word Document on Mac

There are multiple reasons for conducting Microsoft Word remove watermark on Mac. Maybe you want a change or prefer another type of background to continue making your Word documents more attractive.

Microsoft Word has many versions due to the changes it has experienced over time. The most used include Word 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. This change affects how to remove watermark from Word document on Mac because the processes are different at some point.

The following step will guide you on how to remove watermark in Word 2013 on Mac.

1. Begin with opening the Word document containing the watermark.

remove watermark word on mac

2. Access the Design tab. Choose No Watermark option to remove it.

In some cases, this option might not work at all. There is an alternative method, though. You can simply remove the watermark by double clicking and then pressing delete on your pc.

remove watermark word on mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

Most organizations and businesses agree to use Word and PDF formats since they encapsulate data types like texts, graphics and images in a great way. However, these formats are different, making one more common and preferred as compared to the other.

remove watermark word on mac

Word has a lot of inconvenience despite that it is easy to use, especially when editing content like texts. It comes with visual impairments that include grammar lines and spelling. These issues are absent in the PDF format.

The Word format files also have restrictions on how to open them. You must use Microsoft office or else the formatting will get twisted and thus distort information.

On the other hand, PDF comes with numerous benefits. It is ideal for exchanging documents since PDF files store their metrics and own appearance information such as color, content, layout and fonts within themselves. Therefore, the display does not rely on the settings on your computer.

Additionally, it is easier to search PDF, whereby you can also search for phrases and words using simple commands. When converting formats, quality is never affected since the transition happens carefully and perfectly.

What’s more, it has high visual readability, regardless of the device used to open PF files. This encourages file transfer.

How to Remove Watermark in PDFs on Mac

Most of the things done in Microsoft Word documents can also be done in PDF documents. The only requirement is a smooth, affordable and easy to use PDF solution, such as PDFelement for Mac. So, as you conduct Microsoft Word remove watermark on Mac, use PDFelement for Mac to do the same for your PDFs.

remove watermark word on mac

PDFelement is capable of a lot of functions including adding watermark, which is later removable. The watermark ensures that your PDFs retain their originality and authenticity. So, if another person copied your information, it would be obvious and you would have the choice to sue.

PDFelement for Mac is reliable and trustworthy because it also handles majority of the processes without supervision. For instance, if you want to convert many PDFs to Word, you do not have to do it one at a time. The program can do it all in seconds and still deliver quality Word documents.

It is capable of other things as indicated by these features;

  • Editing single lines, paragraphs, texts and images
  • Signing through electronic signatures. The signed documents can be sent to other parties if more signatures are needed.
  • Adding backgrounds and watermarks- while watermarks include texts and company logos, backgrounds can be images or colors.
  • Protecting watermarked or signed documents is important to avoid unwanted data changes.
  • Manipulating scanned documents using OCR.

    The following steps indicate how to remove watermark in PDF documents.

    Step 1: Import the PDF Document

    Open the PDFelement program in your Mac and then import the PDF document with the watermark. Use the Open File function to do so.

    remove watermark word on mac

    Step 2: Remove Watermark from the PDF Document.

    To remove the watermark from the PDF file, go to the Tool option. Select Add or Edit Watermark and a drop down list will appear.

    remove watermark word on mac

    Simply, choose Edit Watermark. A new window will be displayed on the extreme right side. Select Delete.

    In conclusion, you can add and remove watermark in PDFs faster than in Word. The Word format cannot compare with PDF because the latter has a lot of advantages, which make it suitable for data transfer and usage with any device.

    remove watermark word on mac
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