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How to Rotate Page in Word on Mac

New Mac users normally struggle to learn how to rotate Microsoft word on Mac. And with the recent popularity of PDF file format, users face an uphill task trying to rotate PDF pages on Mac. This guide will ensure you rid all those troubles as you’ll soon learn how to rotate page in word on Mac. Step by step examples on how to use a popular PDF tool for Mac called PDF element to rotate pages is also shown.

How to Rotate Word Document on Mac

Below are the steps on how to rotate word document on mac

Step 1: Open Ms. Word

Highlight the page you want to rotate. The page must be highlighted in order to prompt the dialogue box to open. Open the dialogue box by clicking on a small arrow located immediately at the bottom of the Layout tab.

rotate page in word on mac

Step 2: Click on Orientation

Select either of the two options Landscape or Portrait on the margin tab from the orientation section in order to have the page rotated.

rotate page in word on mac

Word Format vs PDF Format

PDF format is becoming popular as the days pass, and this is attributed to its conduciveness for use during this digital age. PDF Format is flexible making it suitable for transmissions over the internet. On the other hand, Word is kind of absolute when it comes to internet usage. It cannot be easily compressed making it difficult to be shared easily in digital platforms. But when it comes to word processing, Word is the beast. The application is more suited for writing memos, business letters, compositions, spelling and grammar checking, among others.

rotate page in word on mac

The surge in popularity of PDF format maybe surprising to some but not all people who’ve previously used it.

Here are some advantages of the PDF Format;

  • First, PDF is an independent software because it can be read from all sorts of systems as they are optimally sized, either expanded or compressed without compromising on the quality.
  • Also, you have the ease of creating fillable PDF forms as it can turn non fillable forms into fillable ones with just a click.
  • You can also export data from scanned PDFs and convert paper documents into office files using OCR technology. This is especially convenient to businessmen and office personnel.
  • To crown it all, the flexible editing features allows editing of PDFs progressively. PDF Format supports features that can add or remove contents, add watermarks, and edit background.

How to Rotate Pages in PDFelement for Mac

The PDFelement for Mac is efficient when it comes to rotating PDF pages. Its ability to deliver has in fact made it stand out from the other versions available. More so, it gives an opportunity for users to export data into excel within seconds. PDF element also makes it possible for scanned pdf be converted into pdf formats.

rotate page in word on mac

You can export data from the scanned PDFs with great ease

Here is a one on one guide on how to rotate pages in PDF element for Mac in just three easy steps;

rotate page in word on mac

Step 1: Open the PDF File via PDFelement for Mac

Click on the Open File button(the application accommodates drag and drop feature) However, it is always advisable to first of all open the PDFelement for Mac just to be on the safe side because dragging the file could loose the file in case the PDF reader is not responding.

rotate page in word on mac

Step 2: View All the Pages

On the extreme right side, click on Thumbnails to view the list of pages. Then, click on Organize Pages so that you can view all the pages quickly.

rotate page in word on mac

Step3: Pick the Pages you Would Like to Rotate

Rotate one or more pages to the left or right. Alternatively, you can click the page to be rotated. Here, the liberty is completely yours and you will rotate the pages in whichever direction you want. Click Rotate icon once you have selected the pages.

rotate page in word on mac

Once you have rotated your pages as you desire don’t forget to save so as to retain the new changes. Actually, it’s that easy to understand how to rotate word page on mac. Using PDF Element, you can also share your document with your colleagues as it has an in-built feature that allows that. It eases things by going even a step further to store your document so you can easily take over from where you left off. All these features are free and that’s just another advantage too. You should consider using PDF element for Mac since it suits everyone. It serves as a hub for all your PDF necessities and much more.

rotate page in word on mac
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