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How to Sign a Word Document on Mac

Have you ever wondered how do I sign a Word document on Mac? Is that even possible? Well in this guide I’m going to tell you the easiest way which you can use to sign word document on Mac. For this tutorial I will first show you how to use Microsoft Word to add signature to your Word file, and then I will tell you better alternative using our software.

How to Sign in Microsoft Word on Mac

If you do not use our software and use Microsoft Word to sign Word doc on Mac. You cannot add any encrypted digital signatures(password locked) which can be used for personal use. As Microsoft has specifically not added this feature on their Word for Mac software. Which is very sad. And makes it difficult to sign Word document on Mac.

Here are the steps for how to sign signature on Word on Mac:

1. Making a Signature

However, what you can do is add an image of your signature by using a camera. And then you can upload that to your system.

Another way is to do it digitally. You can use paint or any any software to digitally draw a signature for yourself. Once again make sure that environment is white as its needed to sign word Document on Mac. Other colors won’t blend with the background.

2. Adding the Signature

Now click on “Insert” button in the top menu. In the drop down select “Picture” button and then add your picture of your signature.

Now to add a stamp next to it. First add some text next to the picture, and then select both the picture and the text. After this click on “Insert” button and inside the drop-down menu then click on “Auto-text” button. This will open up a pop up which will give you multiple options. Check the boxes as per your requirement or tick them all as per default.

Next to the check boxes you have entries box and here you will add the required information for digital signature. Like your name and data etc.

After filling all the information click okay to terminate the process.

Why Use PDF Format over Word Format?

PDF format has a number of advantages over Word format. As you have seen in this how to sign a signature on Microsoft Word on Mac guide that Word does not support digital Signature with proper authentication.

sign word document on mac

Word is a good format for editing and writing files. However, it’s not a good format to send files to other systems due to the following reasons:

1. Firstly transferring file from Windows to a Mac system can cause errors in design. Fonts might not work as they were supposed to and styling of lists and tables can be altered.

2. Word is not a safe format as we clearly saw in this guide for how to signature in Word in Mac that Word format by itself offers very poor encryption especially for digital signatures. So PDF is the format for choice for official documentation.

3. PDF also offers wide variety of elements you can even add images and videos inside PDF and they work seamlessly on any device unlike windows.

4. PDF is also very good for preserving data. It has certain formats which are designed for long term storage unlike the Word format.

As you can see adding signature on Word using Microsoft Word has its drawbacks. Let’s see how this can be done using our software.

How to Sign a PDF Document on Mac

Currently, many businesses and individuals use online forms. For example, top firms worldwide heavily rely on signed contracts. In addition, these companies use online forms that must be signed, to collect information or data. They also require that new recruits sign non-disclosure agreements. Even landlords require their tenants to sign rental or lease agreements.

That means, the use of online forms or PDFs has skyrocketed. But how do you sign PDF files? PDFelement for Mac is a robust PDF editing tool that allows users to sign, annotate, convert, edit and protect PDFs, scanned documents, and images. It comes loaded with modern and customizable tools that users can utilize to create PDFs, develop fillable forms as well as electronically and digitally sign documents.

sign word document on mac

extract text from image online on mac

1. Open Word File

Launch PDFelement for Macand then go to its top menu. Over here click on "File" button and then click on the “Open” button to open the PDF files that you need to sign.

sign word document on mac

2. Add Sign

PDF files are really good as they are more secure and allow for digital signature which can be password protected. Making sure that you’re document stays in its original condition even if you transfer it.

First we will click on the "Form" button on the left hand side. This will create a top bar from which we will select "Digital Signature" icon. Now we can create a box for our digital signature to help us to sign Word document on Mac.

Inside this box we will click on the "Sign Here" Icon, which in terms will open another pop up. Here it will ask us to enter our ID for digital signature. If you do not have and ID it will help create you an ID.

After the creation of the ID you will click "Okay" to insert those digital signatures. And you have successfully learn how to sign in Word on Mac.

sign word document on mac

3. Save File

Now to save file click on the "File" button on the top menu. A list will open. Inside this list locate the "Save" button and you can save your PDF file. If you wish to convert your PDF file back to Word file, then click on "Export" button in that list and select "Word". This will convert it back to Word file, thus completing your how to signature in Word on Mac tutorial. But you will lose your encryption so I suggest to stick to PDF format which is far superior.

sign word document on mac

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you were able to resolve your issues.

sign word document on mac
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