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How to Create Word Drop Down List on Mac

It is possible that you have not yet exhausted Word’s advanced options. Apparently, you can create a Microsoft Word drop down list on Mac. The process is quite simple.

So, let this article guide through how to create a drop down list in Word on Mac. The procedure also applies to creating a drop down box in Word on Mac. You will also learn the comparison between Word and PDF and discover how to create a drop down list in PDFs.

How to Create Word Drop Down List on Mac

The following steps should help you achieve a Word drop down list on Mac;

Step 1: Open the Word Document

Begin by opening the Word document. Access File and then go to Options.

word drop down list on mac

Step 2: Access the Insert form Field Option

Go to Customized Ribbon. Ensure you go to the Choose command from option and then select Commands Not in the Ribbon. Here, select Insert form field.

word drop down list on mac

Step 3: Choose to Insert form Field

On the window’s right side, click on New Group and select Add. Choose the Insert form field function and click on OK.

word drop down list on mac

Step 4: Choose the Location to Put Drop down List

Use your cursor to find the place to insert the drop down list. At that place, click on the Insert form field you added.

word drop down list on mac

Step 5: Choose and Save Drop Down

Go to Type option and select Drop Down. Ensure that click OK to save it.

word drop down list on mac

Step 6: Edit the Inserted Field

Return to the Word page. Access the Drop down Form Filed Options and enter the desired drop down menu items and then select Add. The items will go under Items in Drop down List. Choose the Drop down Enabled box and select OK.

Word Format vs PDF Format

Mac users may often wonder which format is the best for documentation, between Word and PDF. The both are largely used especially in offices, businesses and in schools. Word appears simpler to use more than PDFs. However, it all depends with the PDF editor that you use. For instance, if you find that the process to create drop down list in Word on Mac is easy, you will find it easier if you try the same for PDF with PDFelement for Mac.

word drop down list on mac

Word format lacks enough creativity or flexible options while PDF format comes with a lot of possibilities, such as sharper image quality. As some people create resumes with Word and get plain layout, PDF users acquire resumes that are better graphically designed.

word drop down list on mac

So, it is obvious that the PDF format is the best choice most of the times. It is also beneficial because it is the most preferred format when creating and dealing with online content. It comes in handy when making high quality documents available online.

If you want to upload newsletters online, you can put protection to ensure that people only read and not alter your information. Additionally, you may include bookmarks, and hyperlinks in PDFs, making them resemble web pages.

How to Create Drop Down List in PDFs on Mac

If you would like to edit your PDFs without limitations, then you have to go for the best PDF editor. This platform known as PDFelement for Mac is designed to give you the best experience. It is simple and thus suites all kinds of people, from professionals to students.

word drop down list on mac

It comes with a combination of great functionalities, whose processes involve very few and understandable steps. So, basically it ensures that you get the best value for your money. PDFelement for Mac continues to advance as technology grows, meaning that you will always have something to look forward to, which will make PDF management more exciting and easier.

Additionally, this application ensures that you can work from anywhere and send and receive PDFs effectively. Here are the top quality features of PDFelement for Mac;

  • Smarter editing-it not only lets you alter texts and images, among other aspects, but also provides single line and paragraph editing tools to ensure the text flows.
  • Creating fillable and personalized PDF forms
  • Creating PDFs from combining files
  • Converting and reversing formats
  • Protecting and sharing

If you can learn how to insert drop down list in Word on Mac, you can do the same in PDFs. Here is the step-by-step guide;

Step 1: Open the PDF

After you launch PDFelement for Mac, open the PDF form. To do so, go to the Open File function and upload the PDF.

word drop down list on mac

Step 2: Create the Drop down List

To create the drop down list in the PDF document, choose Form, then Dropdown option and locate where to add the drop down list within the document.

word drop down list on mac

Step 3: Alter Properties

To alter the properties, double click on the List Box and open a dialog box. Under the General tab, change the properties and add names. Then under the Appearance tab, change the fonts and colors.

word drop down list on mac

In conclusion, you can insert drop down list in Word on Mac. However, with PDFs it is better since it is faster. You do not have to learn the exhausting process of how to add drop down list in Word on Mac when PDFelement makes it easier in PDFs.

word drop down list on mac
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